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Serving others through charity has many benefits for the individual. If you dedicate your life and works to charity, you are giving your life a different meaning. Giving to charity can help mental fitness because of the feeling of well-being and sense of purpose it can generate. This feeling of purpose helps to relieve stress and anxiety. When you engage in the service of others you not only give meaning to life, but, you also can extend it.

How to Serve

Serving comes in various ways and there is no one and true method of providing help.   Joining charitable causes is a great way to start serving people. You can either donate money or time to charitable causes. Always remember that doing good for others will definitely allow you to reap good things as well.

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I took the challenge for quite a few reasons, all of which you need to remember when someone offers you a coffee in the morning or puts grapes in front of you saying they are only small they would be OK to eat on a budget. Temptations are all around and would be so easy to indulge, but the reasons are there and it is a challenge because it is a challenge!

I didn’t take the challenge lightheartedly; my main push was to have a greater understanding of hunger and poverty issues through experience. An encouraging sideline to this is: by participating in the challenge, it is me who experiences it but also everyone I speak to about it or read about it will have an experience with it too. Through experience people have a greater connection to something and I wanted to provide an opportunity for more people to gain understanding about the poverty line and the 1.4 billion people who live under it.

5 days at NZ$2.25 a day totals to NZ$11.25 – just a small sample of the mammoth amount of maths I had to do.

Here is my final shopping list:

Live Below the Line Food

My menu for the week, costing a grand total of $10.62.

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