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By Chris Lenois

Christian Aid Direct Mail image

[Image credit: Flickr user Howard Lake]

With response rates to email solicitations from nonprofits on the decline, the effectiveness of direct mail has become more critical for organizations that rely on fundraising campaigns to achieve their mission. Here are six guidelines to follow to help ensure your requests for support are fulfilled:

1. Focus messaging on results, not the process.

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It seems at the moment that all roads point to mobile for charities, but not all charities have updated their websites to capitalize on this fact.

Just Giving Logo

Charity website has announced that it has seen a 26% rise in donations due to a surge in mobile donations. partnered with Vodafone almost two years ago to release the JustTextGiving service, simplifying donations by giving charities their own text code to allow people to donate via a quick message.

Virgin Money Giving logo

Virgin Money Giving has also just launched a mobile website to enable fundraisers to invite their contacts to support them with a donation via a mobile device.

They recently completed a survey and found 80% of charities said digital technology is the key to increasing future income, though 86% of charities don’t believe they’re making the most of digital and online fundraising, while 76% of charities don’t have a mobile site.

Relaunching your site on a responsive platform is the recommended route for mobile since it enables the website to automatically re-size to the device screen. It also avoids any problems caused by duplicate content, which is an issue for search engine optimization.