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Walking in Winter Woods

The Benefits of Charity Walks When the Weather is Colder

Taking a walk in the colder months is a fairly popular pastime – particularly around Christmas and the New Year. In our family it’s a tradition to go for a walk on New Year’s Day, as a bracing and sobering way to counter the festive overindulgence and reflect on the year ahead. Except that we normally go for a meal afterwards, thus undoing the calorie burning! On a fine day though, with cold but sunny weather, this is the perfect way to mark the year just passed and prepare for the year ahead.

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I took the challenge for quite a few reasons, all of which you need to remember when someone offers you a coffee in the morning or puts grapes in front of you saying they are only small they would be OK to eat on a budget. Temptations are all around and would be so easy to indulge, but the reasons are there and it is a challenge because it is a challenge!

I didn’t take the challenge lightheartedly; my main push was to have a greater understanding of hunger and poverty issues through experience. An encouraging sideline to this is: by participating in the challenge, it is me who experiences it but also everyone I speak to about it or read about it will have an experience with it too. Through experience people have a greater connection to something and I wanted to provide an opportunity for more people to gain understanding about the poverty line and the 1.4 billion people who live under it.

5 days at NZ$2.25 a day totals to NZ$11.25 – just a small sample of the mammoth amount of maths I had to do.

Here is my final shopping list:

Live Below the Line Food

My menu for the week, costing a grand total of $10.62.

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