The focus of this article is to spread the awareness about this international non-profit organization, Earthwatch. The charity employs scientists, educators, students, and businesspeople from all over the world. Started in 1971, and with 93,000 volunteers, Earthwatch specialises in protecting threatened species, researching the impacts of climate change and work with local communities, assisting in sustaining indigenous cultures and livelihoods.

This article is to demonstrate some of the charity work that Eartwatch has accomplished in support of countries that are less well equipped then ours in the Western world.

Working with Earthwatch

We are supporters of Earthwatch and directly aide people around the world directly affected by working within the gemstones industry. Without trade direct from Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, India and Madagascar, we wouldn’t have achieved such fantastic success.

We ensure that we only resource an ethical and eco-conscious method of extracting and obtaining gemstones. This is part of the Earthwatch worldwide operation too, as they were already out there helping people in these regions in Africa, Asia and South America.

Alongside Earthwatch we have funded an Eco-stove project in Madagascar that has seen 6,000 of these efficient stoves distributed to families to reduce harmful fumes and deforestation. We also have supplied and the Samburu tribe in Kenya to develop a jewellery range that brings employment to the area and allows us to invest profits in to water harvesting projects.

The Genuine Gemstone Company Limited is a family run enterprise, and specialist gemstone expert in genuine gemstones and jewellery, which is sold through our TV channel which specialises in home shopping and through our website.

Madagascar Eco-Stoves

One of the projects is to provide mud hut rural home with a new type of stove named the Rocket Stove. This stove while simple in design, halves the amount of firewood used to cook. This directly impacts on family life in many ways. It’s far safer than traditional methods and frees up children’s time so that they can go to school. It also means that fewer trees being chopped down. Most importantly though it means that children and their parents are breathing in less fumes.

Prior to the rocket stove, families were effectively using a charcoal fire, a bit like a barbeque but in a very small enclosed space. Already, (in 2012) we have created 6000 news stoves, potentially benefitting up to 30,000 individuals.

Support of the Samburu tribe, Kenya

Working with three different communities, The Genuine Gemstone Company and Earthwatch has developed a work program for local women from the tribe. Each day the ladies of these tribes sit under the shade of the acacia trees and hand make beaded jewellery which brings them money, food and water.

Let me give you an alarming statistic, due to diseases and the lack of clean water, one in five children in the region under the age of five die.

Not only are the ladies of the Samburu Tribe paid a wage for making each bracelet, but as each one is sold, a portion of the profit goes back to fund projects to provide sustainable clean drinking water solutions for the region and support these women and their families. Alongside Earthwatch we are working on two separate projects; one which collects water from the very infrequent rains as they run down outcrops of rocks and a more ambitious project that collects water underground using sand banks and a submerged dam.

Plus for every bracelet sold, Earthwatch will build an “Eco-Stove” for a family in Samburu.

Supporting conservation research

Earthwatch also conducts conservation research in Kenya and Madagascar for wildlife and the environment.

As a country where our business has operations, in resourcing precious gemstones such as Blue Apatite, Strawberry Quartz, Madagascar is a real gemstone treasure chest. With exiting and unique wildlife including the Fossa, Freaky Gecko and Dancing Sifaka, it’s only fitting that this country is rich and diverse under the soil as it is over it.

Some of the other rare finds on the island include Aquamarine, Blue Garnet, Tourmalines and Beryls including Morganite and more recently Diamonds. There is also a source of corundum including sapphires and rubies that has helped the nation excel, as resources in Thailand and Burma have fallen.

Through the success of our company’s relationship with Earthwatch, the charity has been able to provide business-relevant community research in countries like Kenya and Madagascar, with the impact towards almost 40,000 people in addition to supporting critical research into endangered species of wildlife and animals.

It is through partnerships with organizations such as The Genuine Gemstone Company that Earthwatch can be within reach of all sections of society. It enables Earthwatch to connect people with environmental issues and give them the opportunity to make real difference to the natural habitats and surrounding wildlife. Like Earthwatch, TGGC are looking forward to developing our relationship further and in a way that will contribute to ensuring there will be a lasting difference in the environment and in the communities of people worldwide.