For this post I am assuming that you are already familiar with the idea of charity gifts. These are the presents you buy for people here, which give those living in poverty around the world something they need to live – whether it’s a set of emergency cooking utensils and rice or new classroom. You may have heard of the idea of “giving a goat” for charity. It’s a fun way to help people in need as well as finding a present for those who are hard to buy for.

However, you don’t have to look far on the internet to find articles about charity gifts with people angrily announcing that they “aren’t real presents” and that the money “doesn’t really give those in need the things that they need. Instead the money goes to funding the charity’s wider work.

There are many reasons why applying the typical trading standards logic of consumerism isn’t appropriate to charity gifts in my view. Of course, I am in favour of charity watchdogs and think it is important that charities are official – there’s no sense in giving to an organisation which will waste your money or – even worse – stop the money from going to the cause you need. Even if there are some charities which don’t convert the money into the gifts that you intended to purchase, there are those which always do. And surely if the money is helping the cause you wished to give to in the first place, does it really matter if the money doesn’t become the pots and pans you were thinking of? As long as a family in crisis does get to eat, should it matter?

Giving an Actual Gift to Someone Who Needs It

Must Have Gifts charity gifts is one of the organisations which is committed to actually giving the real gift which you purchase to the person affected. This is because it runs the charity gift programs in areas where its “mother charity”, World Vision, already operates. The charity is already using donations from supporters to provide the gifts that people buy, so they have the workers on the ground and the supplies available to give those in need.

A Great Way for Charities to Reach New Donors

One of the best things about charity gifts is that are an attractive giving prospect which can reach new donors. The one-off transaction can be the start of a relationship, which introduces donors to the wider work done by the charity and mean that they give in the future. There’s something attractive about making the donation from a formless payment to a tangible, physical gift someone will receive. However, if the charity chose to use the money towards another project in the area or to help people just as in need as the person you imagined when buying the gift, surely this has just as much impact.

Clubbing Together

Since the idea of buying something tangible appeals to so many, it’s also a good way to help raise larger amounts of funds for charities to carry out bigger projects, such as replacing a school roof. This is an excellent way for groups like schools, churches, work and sports teams to pull together to raise money and it’s a fantastic way to boost community spirit and help you feel like you are part of a bigger picture. To the question of the authenticity of charity gifts in this instance, in my view, if a new roof is needed, it’s needed sooner rather than later. What does it matter whether the money you have raised goes on to buying a new roof and starting a new project, or covers the cost of one that has already been built?

Share an Event with Someone in Need

Charity presents are a great option for special events like birthdays, weddings, Christmas, Easter and mothers’ and fathers’ days. They are a lot more meaningful than unwanted socks and chocolates because they go towards helping someone in a desperate situation. When the person receiving opens a gift of five chickens or a birth certificate, it’s so unusual it will make them smile – but the person receiving the help on the other side will also be smiling.

Giving an Unusual Present

Lastly, as mentioned above, these are unusual presents which really stand out. Since they are doing good as well, surely these are some of the most “real” presents you could buy. If you are considering a charity gift and thinking about whether or not the organisation you have chosen really gives something to someone in need the answer is simple – of course they do. And the person you are giving the gift to here has some of that goodwill dedicated in their name.

If you are interested to find out more, the Money Saving Expert website is a great place to start.