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Edward Baden is an international storage and relocation business based in Sussex and we have chosen to support a local, well deserving charity, Chestnut Tree House Children’ Hospice. We are constantly trying to come up with ideas to support and fundraise for them whenever possible, but due to lack of fundraising experience, sometimes we lack fruitful ideas and an effective fundraising strategy.

In this article we are going to discuss our involvement with the charity, our efficient correspondence with them, and give some advice to others who are thinking of fundraising.

Having no personal contact with the charity ourselves we discovered you only have to read a few of the testimonials and stories about the top class care the charity provides to children and families in need to know that they are extremely well deserving and needed in our community – thus we felt the charity would be a worthy cause for our efforts.

The charity cares for over 260 families in Sussex who are never charged for their care. It costs over £2.5 million each year to provide the services both at the hospice and in the community, but yet they receive only 8% of current running costs from central government funding so rely heavily on the support of our local community – and here at Edward Baden we were happy to oblige.

In the past Edward Baden has taken on the charities £50 challenge, this is great if you are a smaller fundraiser as the charity actually gives you £50 and challenges you to use this money, to make money. We chose to set up a sweet and snack shop in our office for hungry employees or those with a sweet tooth! From this we have made in excess of £200.

The 2013 Grand National was also a fund raising opportunity for us here at Edward Baden HQ – we ran a sweepstake at £2 a horse, with almost 50 runners we made another £100 for our chosen charity.

Now our latest fundraising idea – 2 members of our team have decided to run a 10K event and ask for sponsorship from other businesses in our town. Not sure how to go about fundraising we dropped an email to someone at the charity to ask for some advice. Gemma Gilpin and Teresa Barnes got back to us within the hour offering us some great advice and tips and sent us in the post a fantastic advice booklet and even running vests to motivate us on our 10k run.

The pack included some great background about the charity and how our money could help which definitely worked to motivate us, as well as some ideas and tips to get us started such as how to contact a wide audience of perspective donators. It advised us to use JustGiving, an easy and efficient way to raise sponsorship money online. They also included the JustGiving guide to social media fundraising – leveraging sites such as Facebook and Twitter to tap a potentially unlimited audience.

They also provided professional looking sponsorship forms for us to photocopy and we were particularly pleased with our running vests!

We would like to raise as much money as possible to contribute to the tireless work the hospice does for sick children and their families across the county. A day’s care at Chestnut Tree House costs £6850; if we could contribute towards a percentage of these costs, it would be a job well done.

If I could offer any advice to individuals or businesses looking to fundraise for charities I would definitely recommend contacting the charity directly to ask them what they need best and for any advice they could possibly offer. Without the advice Chestnut Tree House offered us so willingly our fundraising project would be less structured and focussed.

In our experience charities make it easy for you to fundraise, they facilitate, motivate and appreciate! And Chestnut Tree House even goes to the extent of giving you money to get you started and providing materials such as running vests to motivate your fundraising project. So get in contact with a well deserving charity today and get fundraising!

Author Bio:
Emilie Whitmore is a Marketing Assistant for a trusted Edward Baden Limited and experienced name in the UK storage, transportation and relocation industry.