Sudanese Culture

Constructions in the desert which are synonymous with Sudanese Culture

South Sudan is the world’s newest country, but at just one year old, it has been through many challenges. In fact, there is a significant crisis in the area which continues to deteriorate.

There are lots of issues affecting the country, from the fact that half of the population are struggling to get enough to eat to lots of people fleeing the border with Sudan due to armed conflict. Added to this is the fact that prices have sky-rocketed, making it much harder for ordinary people to buy things such as fuel and food.

Many people in South Sudan are dependent on food aid for survival, which means the work of international charities is hugely important in the region. Compared with just one year ago, the number of people who require food aid has doubled. The country is also dealing with significant numbers of refugees coming over from South Sudan to the North, because they want to flee the fighting. Many people who have fled the North are currently living in camps.

All of these problems are making it harder for South Sudan to set up the infrastructure it needs and develop the country for the future. International charities are carrying out a wide range of work in the country to help alleviate the crisis and make sure the population has got enough to eat. For example, charities are providing food aid to thousands of people and taking action to ensure they have safe drinking water.

Aid agencies are also providing vital supplies, such as tents for refugees coming over the border from Sudan. They are also trying to support people to help them deal with the high price of food and offering services such as training to help people get jobs. Sudan still needs the building blocks of society to be put in place and for this, it needs our help.

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